Stage 3S Differential Kit

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When you are known for the most extreme front differentials parts and front differentials builds on the market you can never stop improving and innovating.  The Stage 3 “S” kit is a prime example of just that.  Just like our original Stage 3, this Stage 3 S kit is MASSIVE by design and is really a huge step up from even our original Stage 3 kit.  So what is the difference between the Stage 3 and the Stage 3 “S” you might ask.  The difference is in the “S”.  Our Stage 3 “S” now has our patent pending springs in the Sprague cage and the difference is HUGE.

At the heart of the Stage 3 S kit is our Tru-Trac output hubs.  Our Tru-Trac output hubs offer zero binding between hubs like factory hubs nearly always do.  Our hubs also provide provide more roller surface area for a more solid 4 wheel drive lock EVERY TIME!  The Tru-Trac output hubs are made from a material that is far superior to OEM, heat treated then ground and polished to be perfectly round for added durability, strength, and longevity.  With the Tru-Track output hubs, we have scrapped the original connecting design and created a new design that does not allow for any flex, or binding up like you will find in almost every factory set of hubs! Wrapped around the Tru-Track Output Hubs is our MASSIVE Stage 3 S Hardened Billet Sprague Carrier and our MASSIVE hardened rollers both of which are at a minimum of 20% larger than factory.  Now new with the Stage 3 S Model Kit is our new patent pending spring design.  Our new springs are over 50% larger than factory and boast a strength rating that is well over a 100% stronger than factory!  So not only are the springs larger and stronger, we have also designed the sprague cage in such a way that it helps prevent the springs from being overly compressed causing premature wear like you will often see with factory and other after market sprague cages.  With this kit you will also receive our Extreme Duty II Armature Plate. At more than twice the strength of our Extreme Duty Plate and more than 4x the strength of a  factory plate, this armature plate will provide you with the ultimate in performance, strength, and longevity for years to come.

Don’t wait, the difference is real, REAL BIG.  So big when you first see this kit in person, you may wonder if it will even fit in your diff.  It will!  All our kits are designed to fit and function flawlessly in both a factory differential and our very own billet differential.  How does this kit drive and operate you might ask?  This kit drives and feels 110% like factory.  You will notice zero difference EXCEPT……..  Your differential will finally work as it was meant to.

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