Stage 4 Differential Kit

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With years of experience in the front differential market, we have always been faced with the challenge of making your front differential not only work properly but make it stand up to racing, hill killing and extremely rough and rocky terrain.  Our challenge was to build a kit that would not only stand the test of time and the absolute beat downs this style of riding offers but, to do so without sacrificing steering or your turning radius that is required on tight trails or tracks.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  In order for us to do this, we had to think outside the box, rethink, re-imagine, and redesign the framework of the Polaris front differential.  What we came up with in the Stage 4 kit will surprise you in every way.  As a prototype kit, the Stage 4 kit not only won, but it won big.  Travis Skelton and the 427 Race Team took our Prototype Stage 4 and installed it into a built Turbo RZR and the results were amazing. Travis was able to bring home 1st Place in nearly every single race in the most brutal rock racing, hill killing courses in the country, all with ZERO differential issues.

There is nothing else on the market that even compares to the strength and reliability of this kit.  At the heart of the Stage 4 is our tried and true Tru-Trac output hubs.  Our Tru-Trac output hubs offer zero binding between hubs and provide more roller surface area for a more solid 4 wheel drive lock EVERY TIME!  The Tru-Trac output hubs are made from a material that is far superior to OEM.  Our hubs are then heat treated, ground, and polished to be perfectly round for added durability, strength, and longevity.  Wrapped around the Tru-Track Output Hubs is our completely re-engineered and industry first 12 Roller Springless Sprague Carrier and Locker Setup.  With this setup, we have taken away 2WD/4WD and given you 3WD/4WD.  This in turn has given us the ability to return your steering ability all the while giving you more strength and reliability than you could ever ask for.  With this kit you will also receive our Extreme Duty II Armature Plate. At more than twice the strength of our Extreme Duty Plate and more than 4x the strength of a  factory plate. This armature plate will provide you with the ultimate in performance, strength, and longevity for years to come.

Stage 4 Kit Includes:

  • Stage 4 Tru-Trac Output Hubs (Includes Spacers and Upgraded Hub Bearings)
  • Hardened Aynodized Sprague Carrier & Locker
  • Oversized Hardened Rollers
  • Extreme Duty II Armature Plate

Optional Stage 4B Kit Adds:

  • Upgraded Pinion Bearing
  • Upgraded Hardened Machined 300M Ring Gear Pin
  • Upgraded Differential Seals (1-Pinion Seal, 2-Output Hub Seals)

Optional Stage 4B Kit

Will Fit:
RZR 1000 XP:  2014-Current
RZR 4 1000 XP:  2014 – current
RZR 1000 “S”: 2016 – Current
Polaris General: 2016- Current
Polaris RZR XP Turbo: 2016-Current

*ALL our front differential parts are custom built parts!  Although most orders will ship same day, from time to time we will have to build more parts, so please allow 7-10 days for shipping.  Once again, this is not always the case.  Most orders ship same day!

*This kit is for OFFROAD use only!  If driven on roads you can experience pulling unless engaged into 4 wheel drive.

Fitment Guide by differential model number: