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Offroad Short Course System with Rugged RH-5R Dual Band Radios Rugged Radio

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This custom OFFROAD package from Rugged combines everything you need to connect driver and crew chief with Rugged RH5R 5 watt dual band handheld radios, headsets, push to talk, and more!

The Rugged Radios RH-5R Radio has the added benefit of operating in either UHF or VHF modes, allowing you the most flexibility in different racing environments.

UHF is most commonly used in short track/oval track environments with line of site. It's also optimal when race conditions present obstacles such as buildings, structures, hills, etc.. VHF may be preferred in longer course environments where line of site to the vehicle is lost or you need to transmit/receive over longer distances.

For Crew

  • RH-5R 5-Watt Dual Band Radio
  • H42 black Behind the head headset
  • Radio Coil Cord

For Driver

  • RH-5R 5-Watt Dual Band Radio
  • Handheld Radio Bag
  • Off-road Car Harness
  • Radio Jumper for Rugged RH Radio
  • Velcro PTT
  • Challenger 2 ear buds
  • Offroad helmet kit with flex boom