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Longhorn Fab RZR | 1000XP | Heavy Duty Rear Plate | RZR-201022

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RZR | 1000XP | Heavy Duty Rear Plate | 201022


Add strength to the rear frame of your RZR by going from a stamped metal rear plate to this 1/4" thick rear plate with 1/2" thick tow hook and clevis hole built it.  When you're stuck, you always seem to have a loop when you need a hook or a hook when you need a loop.  We designed this rear plate to have both options so you can throw a loop over the tow hook for a quick extraction, or leave a clevis in the clevis hole for when the extraction gets a little more intense!

Key Features:

  • 1/4" thick main plate
  • 1/2" thick hook and clevis hole
  • Laser cut and CNC bent for OEM fit
  • 304 SS