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Honda Talon Under Hood Battery Tray

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When you demand more power from your machine you need somewhere to store that power. That's exactly what our battery tray is for. 

Designed for rigidity and long lasting service it fits neatly and securely under the hood of your Talon. It also uses all existing holes in the frame so there is no need to cut or drill anything new. 

Laser cut and CNC bent from 1/8 steel this battery tray will be sure to hold up for a long time. It is designed to accommodate most all popular batteries on the market. 


Comes in black power coat and includes all hardware needed to fasten it to the frame, and a rubber strap to secure the battery.

Will fit a battery up to these dimensions  W-9 1/4'   L-6 1/4'    H-7'


As with all of our parts it is backed by a full lifetime warranty. If you break or bend it we will replace it guaranteed.