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The Factory Race Series 2.5 Internal Bypass RC2 shocks use the same race-proven, position-sensitive damping technology as our external bypass shocks raced on trophy trucks, in a compact and hassle-free package. This level of technology takes your XP1000 from capable to incredible, especially if you plan to race, ride dunes, or blast across the desert.

These race-level shocks are a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo shocks, both 2- and 4-seat models. They increase the front shock bore diameters from the stock 2.0” to 2.5”. This increase in bore diameter means that your shocks won’t fade on long runs at high speed through the desert, and the velocity-sensitive damping can generate more force to resist a constant barrage of hits, g-outs, and whoops. While FOX 2.5 shocks are larger than stock, they’re lighter because we use aluminum bodies and reservoirs versus the heavier steel bodies and reservoirs of stock shocks.

A race-level shock system must come with the adjusters needed to dial in your suspension to fit the riding conditions you encounter, the loads you are carrying, and how you want the vehicle to handle. The 2.5” IBP RC2 shocks are no exception to this rule. With independent high- and low-speed compression adjusters, wide-range rebound adjusters, and a true dual-rate spring package with adjustable crossover rings, you have the control to fine tune the shocks to your exact needs. All this adjustability is world class, but what really sets these shocks apart is the Internal Bypass technology packaged inside the shocks.

FOX’s patented Internal Bypass technology (IBP) allows damping control to vary based on where the piston is traveling inside the shock. This means that while the piston is traveling in the middle of the stoke the damping can be lighter to smooth out whoops and rocks while still controlling body roll. Once the piston is running at the bottom of the shock during full compression, the damping is dramatically increased to resist bottoming out even at high speeds over trophy truck size whoops. As the shock extends and the piston reaches the top of the shock, the damping again increases to prevent damage from topping out when all the energy in the springs are unloaded as vehicle flies off a jump. The position-sensitive damping of IBP combined with the velocity sensitive damping on the main piston means that these shocks have been fine-tuned to adapt to the harshest terrain no matter the size of whoops or the speed that you want to hit them.

Beyond the extra capability you gain after bolting on a set of FOX Factory Race Series 2.5 Podium IBP RC2 shocks, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re ruggedly built with hard-anodized aluminum bodies and reservoirs that resist corrosion, 7/8-inch hard-chromed shafts for smooth operation and longer seal life, and are fully rebuildable if you ever damage a part or want to get them custom-valved for a specific riding application.


Adjustments Spring preload
Dual-Speed Compression (DSC)
Wide-range rebound
Spring crossover
Features Position-sensitive internal bypass damping tubes
Velocity-sensitive valved, high flow damping piston
Piggyback reservoir
Carbon black dual rate race springs with crossover
Custom spring packages for Race or Desert and Dune conditions
7/8” hard-chromed induction-hardened shaft
PTFE-lined spherical bearings for smooth, durable movement
Kashima-coated hard-anodized aluminum body and reservoir
Extended 25.040
Compressed 16.600
Travel 8.440
Top Mount Eyelet
Bottom Mount Eyelet
Reservoir Piggyback
MSRP $2197.50