EFX MotoBoss ATV Tire

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MotoBoss Product Description

The best of both worlds, Performance and Ride quality, the MotoBoss is here to deliver.  Combining the finest deep mud traction with a smooth, plush ride quality, the MotoBoss is the finest all-purpose tire to claw, climb, push and overcome ANY obstacle on ANY terrain.  We went bananas on this design, incorporating the industry's best performing sidewall lug that gives you an edge on your competition in the pits, boulders or incline trails.  The tread pattern is a angular "V" pattern with extended center lug for purging thick mud for incredible performance on and off hard-pack trail systems. Available in a variety of sizes, the MotoBoss is a bullet-proof, 6-ply carcass with enormous 2"+ lugs in our brand new softer compound.

EFX Performance Offroad Tires have been at the forefront of engineering the world's best performing offroad tires.  We take our designs serious, spending countless hours in the field to ensure that each and every approved tread pattern is the best tire we can produce.  Each and every tire design we manufacture has been abused in the mountains of Colorado and the backwoods to Texas to ensure that no matter your terrain preference, we have a tire that fits your style. 

Sales does not include wheels - TIRES ONLY.

Available Sizes (select above):
28/10-14, 30/10-14, 32/10-15, 34/10-16
Engineering: 6 Ply Bias
Tread Depth: 2"+